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2001 Award Winners

The 2000-2001 WSS Awards Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the second annual ACRL WSS awards for achievement in women's studies librarianship.

The ACRL WSS Award for Career Achievement in Women's Studies Librarianship sponsored by Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc: Sarah Pritchard, University Librarian University of California Santa Barbara. This award honors significant, long-standing contributions to the field of Women's Studies librarianship over the course of a career.

The ACRL WSS Award for Significant Achievement in Women's Studies Librarianship, sponsored by Routledge Inc.: Marilyn Dunn, College Librarian Hartwick College. This award honors a single achievement which contributes significantly to the field of women's studies librarianship.

Sarah Pritchard's contributions to development and vitality of the field of women's studies librarianship are unparalleled. Her achievements are particularly distinctive in that they encompass all four criteria for this award: organizational service in ACRL WSS; academic research library service in women's studies; research and Publication in the areas of academic research services in women's studies; and planning and implementation of exemplary academic research programs in women's studies. Sarah's scholarship, advocacy and leadership have been crucial to the very existence of women's studies librarianship.Her early work at the Library of Congress signaled the beginning of an information infrastructure for women's studies.That infrastructure was further developed through her creation in 1990 of the RLG Conspectus for Women's Studies, which put Women's Studies on the bibliographical map. Her impact has extended over nearly two decades through numerous publications and presentations addressing an astonishing range of topics including the research needs of women's studies, women's studies and library collection development, database evaluation, the challenges of preserving women's history, and feminism and information technology. Moreover, while she has risen to the top of her profession, Sarah has never lost sight of her roots, not only serving as and exemplary role model but also as an active mentor to many other feminist and women's studies librarians. Her record of scholarly contributions, consistent participation in WSS, and continued leadership in the advancement of women's studies librarianship are second to none.

Marilyn Dunn has made a significant contribution to interdisciplinary scholarship in women's studies through her dedicated work as managing editor of Matrix, a web database of primary and secondary materials that describes medieval women's religious communities (http://matrix.bc.edu).Largely through Marilyn's leadership and coordination, Matrix represents a singular collaboration among scholars, librarians and technology specialists to advance and disseminate knowledge in this neglected field and to make it easily and freely accessible via the Web. The development of this unique web resource has encouraged and facilitated the study of women and religion in the Middle Ages. At Hartwick College, this has resulted not only in a new course on Medieval Women and Religion taught by Ms. Dunn and in the further development of library collections to support this new scholarship, but also contributed to college recognition of the value of women's studies and helped lead to the first tenure-track line in the field. Ms. Dunn has played a pivotal role in the creation of a model resource within women's studies librarianship. Her achievements signify the possibilities for and growing recognition of the intellectual and creative contributions of librarians to the vitality and advancement of women's studies.

We invite all WSS members and friends to join us in congratulating Sarah and Marilynn at the WSS awards ceremony, which will take place at 9:30 a.m. on June 18, 2001 at the beginning of the Women's Studies Section annual program in San Francisco.

--Joan Ariel for WSS Awards Committee

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