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Collection Development Policies for Women and Gender Studies:
A Recommended Template/Checklist

  1. Title and Date
  2. Description of College/University Women and Gender Studies Program/Department
    1. Scope and emphases in research and teaching
    2. Degrees offered
  3. General Overview of Library's Women's and/or Gender Studies Collection
    1. Types of material collected and excluded
    2. Formats of material collected and excluded
    3. Languages included
    4. Geographic parameters and emphases
    5. Chronological scope and emphases
    6. Overlaps with other subjects/collections
  4. Collecting and Deselecting Methods and Criteria
  5. LC Subject Areas Collected and Collecting Levels (NCIP or other)
  6. Secondary Collecting Areas
  7. Related Collections
  8. Cooperative Arrangements with Other Libraries
  9. Supplemental/Complementary Resources (Other Area Libraries/Collections or Resources)
  10. Subject Librarian/Bibliographer Contact Information
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