Meeting Minutes for ALA Annual 2003 in Toronto

ACRL Women’s Studies Section
Research Committee
Kris Gerhard, Chair
June 26, 2003

Members present: Ellen Broidy, Katia Roberto, Jennifer Gilley, Laura Micham, Sue Searing, Jeanne Armstrong, Kris Gerhard

Members absent: Mila Su

We used this meeting to further our project of compiling a bibliography of research that has been done in the area of women’s studies librarianship with the ultimate goal of using it to create a research agenda for the future. We opened the meeting by defining what we mean by “research.” Kris Gerhard supplied the following definition: Research requires a research question formulated in such a way that collection of data will provide an answer. The distinction between research, analytical, and theoretical articles was then discussed and it was decided that we want to include analytical/theoretical works as well.

For the immediate project then, we will pull out only the research-oriented, analytical, and theoretical pieces in the bibliography and subdivide them under subject categories. For example:

Subject Category 1
1.Piece 1
2.Piece 2
1. Piece 1

Further, we will determine what the research question was in each of the research-oriented works and list it after the citation. These questions will serve as the foundation for our creation next January of a research agenda.

Before finalizing this piece of the bibliography, we decided it would be very useful to have us all swap lists and take a second look, in order to improve consistency in assigning subject categories and article types.


-July 15th, Jeanne and Katia will finish going through their original assigned lists and turn in their category and article type determinations.

-After July 15th, everyone will take the list of the person below them in the spreadsheet and repeat the process. Everyone should negotiate any differences of opinion with the original list owner. Also, it is during this round that everyone will pull out the research questions from the research-oriented pieces.

-October 15th, everyone should be finished assigning subject categories and article types to their second list and turn them in to Jennifer Gilley and Kris Gerhard.

-December 1st, everyone should have pulled out the research questions (or theoretical issues or subject of analysis for the analytical/theoretical ones) and sent them to Jennifer and Kris.

-Midwinter 2004: we will use the spreadsheet Kris is going to compile over Christmas to come up with a research agenda

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