ACRL WSS 2004 Research Committee
Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL - June 27, 2004
Orlando Convention Center

Members present: Ellen Broidy, Jennifer Gilley, Laura Micham, Sue Searing, Jeanne Armstrong
Members absent: Katia Roberto, Kris Gerhard, Mila Su

1. Members present discussed questions for further research in women’s studies librarianship that were suggested by our compilation of past research done in this area. Sue Searing passed out a copy of questions she had brainstormed before the conference and further brainstorming ensued. It was decided that Jennifer Gilley would take the questions we came up with and put them in a form similar to that of the ACRL Instruction Section Research Agenda. She will distribute this draft research agenda prior to Midwinter for the committee to add to, comment on, and prioritize.

2. Ruth Dickstein brought to our attention the fact that all but one of our committee members will be rotating off the committee after next year’s Annual. She suggested that we solicit new members at the Membership meeting and think of other people we could invite to join. Those of us who want to keep working with the committee will have to do so in an unofficial capacity or sign up as an intern, because there is an ACRL rule against serving more than two consecutive terms on a committee.

3. We discussed the committee’s other projects (Research Interest Questionnaire, the CFP web site, etc.) and decided to let the new committee members decide next year if they want to revive or continue those projects.

4. We discussed the bibliography of items published on women’s studies librarianship that we are putting on our web site. Approval to publish was granted by the Publication Committee and the Executive Committee. Jennifer Gilley will get a link to the site added to the Research Committee web site and the WSS web site. For now, Jennifer Gilley will update this bibliography once a year.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Gilley
Chair, Research Committee

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