Report from ALA Midwinter 2000 in San Antonio

The Ad Hoc Research Committee met at ALA midwinter to define the purpose of the Committee and discuss whether the group should seek regular committee status. For those who are not familiar with the genesis of this committee and where it is going I will give you some background. At Annual last year, a group of us were discussing the fact that many of us come to WSS from a research background, some of us not having Women's Studies as our main job description but still wanting to be involved in the library discipline. Some section members are interested in research in WS but gravitate to other committees in order to be involved in the section. It was proposed that an Ad Hoc Research Committee be developed in order to discuss whether this is truly a section need and to explore what the Committee would do. In addition, we could then propose that the group become a standing committee. Marlene Manoff asked that the group not meet during regular section committee meetings since many of its members are currently active in other committees.

The group, consisting of: Dolores Fidishun, Chair, Cindy Ingold, Kelly Hovendick, Laura Micham, Theresa Tobin, Marlene Manoff, Sue Searing and Kris Gerhard met over lunch after the discussion meeting. The group felt that a Research Committee would definitely fill a need within the section and that we should seek status as a regular committee. Some ideas of what the committee might do included: data collection for section use and general purposes (this came out of the discussion meeting), encouraging and facilitating research collaboration and consultation, disseminating publication and presentation possibilities, promoting research through the generation of research topics and publicizing funding possibilities (ex. grants), propagation of good research and discussion of current research issues. The Committee also came up with ideas of various ways to do some of the above activities.

It was decided that we should propose that the committee be made official looking at the following schedule:

Dolores Fidishun reported to the Executive Committee at Midwinter our intentions to propose an official committee.

A charge will be finalized and the Committee proposed at Annual in Chicago.

The Committee will be officially voted on at the membership meeting at Midwinter 2001.

The Committee becomes official after Summer 2001 (with the new Committee appointments).

This schedule will allow input from WSS members and time for discussion, plus, it will allow those who wish to move to this Committee to transition off the committees and tasks they currently serve.

We invite anyone who is interested in this group to contact Dolores Fidishun at or 610-648-3227. We will be meeting at Annual at 12:30 on Saturday after the Intro to Women's Groups at ALA session. Location to be announced later.

We also invite comment on the draft of the proposed charge of the Committee: (send comments to Dolores at the above address)

The Research Committee will identify needed research, facilitate collaboration in research, facilitate the acquisition of skills related to research and publishing, and promote an awareness of existing and ongoing research related or applicable to Women's Studies librarianship and resources.


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