Report from ALA Midwinter 2001 in Washington D.C.

Ad Hoc Research Committee
Dolores Fidishun, Chair

Jennifer Gilley will be working with Megan to create a mock-up of the Committee’s web site. Plans are to bring it to Annual 2001 and to submit it, along with the appropriate form to the Publications Committee for review after the Research Committee approves it.

The Committee will start a Calls for Papers service. For now Dolores Fidishun will send them to WSS-L with plans for Jennifer Gilley to add them to a section on the Committee’s web page when it comes up.

The Committee is working on a research clearinghouse. Kris Gerhard and Dolores Fidishun have come up with a draft survey which will be shared via email with the entire committee. The survey asks about what types of research people are doing, if they are willing to mentor other researchers, if they would like to collaborate with other researchers and what new areas of research they see. The survey will be finalized at annual and submitted to the Publications Committee for their review. It was decided that since there are a number of questions about the scope of research to be included we will start by sending the questionnaire to WSS-L and the WSS Newsletter when it is approved and see what kinds of results we get. We can then decide whether to send it to WMST-L and Feminist.

Lynn Westbrook and Jennifer Gilley have started to discuss a proposal for an IMLS grant. They will investigate ideas and possible partnerships with women’s museums and come to annual with an abstract of a possible project and a list of possible collaborators.

A question was raised about whether the anthology of issues in Women’s Studies Librarianship should be attempted again. The Committee will discuss this issue further at Annual.

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