Report from ALA Midwinter 2003 in Philadelphia

ACRL Women's Studies Section
Research Committee
Kris Gerhard, Chair
January 26, 2003

Members present: Ellen Broidy, Katia Roberto, Jennifer Gilley, Laura Micham, Sue Searing, Mila Su.

Members absent: Kris Gerhard, Jeanne Armstrong

The committee's current project to develop a bibliography of research in women's studies librarianship was discussed and moved forward. The purpose of the bibliography is to pull together research done in this area and categorize it into subtopics so that the committee can identify areas of needed research for the future. After Annual 2002, Jennifer Gilley pulled together a preliminary bibliography and distributed it to the members of the committee. After making additions at the suggestion of committee members, a list of 105 items was passed on to Kris Gerhard who turned it into a spreadsheet and came up with 17 initial categories to subdivide the material into.

The spreadsheet was presented to the committee members at Midwinter, the 17 designations were briefly discussed, and 2 were eliminated. Kris Gerhard, via email, suggested that there are three types of articles: enumerative, descriptive, and those that present research results. The committee decided to include all three types in this project but to assign a designation to each item and break them out. For instance, in the category "collection development tools," items would be broken out into enumerative (lists of resources), descriptive (of collections, users, or services, or research-oriented. Finally, the committee agreed to divide up the 105 citations and each be responsible for officially categorizing about 12. The results of this effort will be shared at Annual 2003, hopefully leading to further clarification and refinement of the categories.

Ellen Broidy suggested that the Research Committee contact the Publications Committee to get them in on this process now, since it will one day become a publication in some form, and also suggested that this bibliography be turned into a database.

If anyone is interested in seeing the preliminary bibliography or spreadsheet, contact Jennifer Gilley at

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