ACRL WSS 2004 Research Committee
Midwinter Meeting, San Diego, CA - January 11, 2004
Wyndam Hotel, Topaz Room

Members present: Ellen Broidy, Jennifer Gilley, Laura Micham, Sue Searing, Jeanne Armstrong, Mila Su

Members absent: Katia Roberto, Kris Gerhard

1. It was decided to link the bibliography of research in women’s studies librarianship that we have currently compiled to the Research Committee web site so that others can use it. Jennifer Gilley will contact the Chair of the Publications Committee to gain approval for this project.

2. It was decided that the next step in the ongoing bibliography project will be for Gilley to pull out all of the items in the bibliography that were determined to be research-oriented and put them into one list, subdivided into categories as assigned by the two readers for each piece. The central research question of each will be listed. This way all the research that has been done so far in each particular sub-area (collection development, indexing, etc.) will be collated so as to show (hopefully) what research is still needed or needs to be updated. Gilley will send out this compilation between May 15th and June 1st, so that the members of the committee can use it to begin to generate a list of research questions for the future. This will comprise the research agenda that has been this committee’s goal all along. Our ultimate goal is to produce an article articulating a research agenda for women’s studies librarianship.

3. We discussed the Research Interest Questionnaire that is linked to the committee web site. The webmaster received 16 submissions from the form when it was originally publicized. We decided to start promoting this project again at Annual in June.

Other comments: It was noted that we need to discuss in Executive Committee how to promote the section web site and the changing content of the committee web sites within the section and outside the section. How can we let people know when something new has been added to a committee’s web site?

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Gilley
Chair, Research Committee

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