ACRL WSS 2005 Research Committee
Midwinter Meeting, Boston, MA - January 16, 2005
Ritz-Carlton, Petite Ballroom

Members present: Ellen Broidy, Jennifer Gilley, Laura Micham, Jeanne Armstrong, Mila Su

Members absent: Sue Searing, Kris Gerhard

1. The committee went over the draft version of the Research Agenda for Women’s Studies Librarianship. We combined, discarded, and revised questions to slim down the agenda into a set of clear priorities. It was decided that the Chair will make the suggested revisions, resubmit it to the committee, and then following corrections, send it out to the WSS List-Serv for section-wide comment. The plan is to turn the agenda into an article by Annual, for possible publication in one of ACRL’s journals. The Publications Committee could then make an approval decision at Annual.

2. We discussed the problem of the overlap between the charges of the Publications Committee and the Research Committee. We suggested they take out the word “create” in point 2, and add in “and other section-related publications” to point 3. Negotiation with the Publications Committee chair lead to a fruitful result.

3. We discussed a possible research project referred to our committee by Pamela Salela regarding the collection of employment statistics of women’s studies majors. The committee decided that as the topic is not directly related to librarianship, it is not within the mission of our committee.

4. Two new members for the Research Committee were identified: Dolores Fidishun and Jane Nichols. They will begin after Annual 2005. As Jeanne Armstrong is the only current member of the committee who can stay on, it is necessary to do some more recruiting at Annual.

Comments: I will be updating our online bibliography of scholarship in women’s studies librarianship soon and will be soliciting updates from the list-serv.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Gilley
Chair, Research Committee

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