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The Research Committee of the Women's Studies Section hosts a Poster Session during our General Membership Meeting at the ALA Annual Conference in June/July. The purpose of our poster session is to provide beginning and established researchers and librarians an opportunity to present research or work in progress, and receive collaborative feedback and recommendations for future publishing and/or new initiatives.

  • We especially encourage beginners to submit proposals as this is designed to be a mentoring opportunity and to give newcomers some experience!


2015 Poster Sessions
Librarian Participation in Faculty Learning Communities: Strengthening Partnerships with Gender Studies Scholars
Sharon Ladenson, Gender and Communication Studies Librarian
Michigan State University

WGSS Journals Revisited: Scholars Share Their Core Titles
Jane Nichols, Oregon State University
Susan Wood, Suffolk County Community College
Erica Carlson Nicol, Washington State University

Wikipedia, Gender, & Libraries: Closing the Gender Gap on Wikipedia Through User Engagement
Chloe Raub, Head of Archives and Special Collections
Newcomb College Institute of Tulane University


2014 Poster Sessions
Her Voice Was Heard: Undergraduate Women's Studies Students Compare Narrative and Traditional Scholarly Resources in Their Research
Yvonne Becker
University of Alberta, Augustana

Technology Impact on New Adult Behavior about Health Information
Lesley Farmer, Chair, Dept of Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling / Librarianship Program
California State University, Long Beach

Action Figures and Gender Studies: Mapping Information Sources and Research Methodologies
Diana King, Librarian for Film, Television, and Theater
University of California, Los Angeles

Finding Men in Gender and Women's Studies Databases: An Evaluation of Coverage
Colleen Seale and Cindy Craig
University of Florida


2013 Poster Sessions

Information and Violence Against Women: Reference Center for Women Ednalva Berezza
Gisele Rocha Cortes, Professor, Department of Information Science
Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil

Academic Library Leadership, Second-Wave Feminism and Twenty-First Century Humanism: Reflections on a Changing Profession
Marta Deyrup, Professor and Librarian
Seton Hall University

Women's Health Resources and Gender Research Differences: Outreach at California State University Northridge Project with the National Library of Medicine
Annaliese Fidgeon, Lynn Lampert, Marcia Henry
California State University Northridge

A Legacy of Feminist Bookwomen: Proposal for a Librarian Working Group to Support Feminist Publishing
Kristen Hogan, English Literature and Women's and Gender Studies Librarian
University of Texas at Austin

Romancing Readers: Promoting Romance Fiction and Programming at a Campus Library
Hilary Wagner, Rasmussen College

Chick Lit: A Working Bibliography
Jessica Young, Student
San Jose State University



2012 Poster Sessions

Headscarves Not Allowed: Using Information Literacy to Uncover the Female Turkish University Student's Voice
Leanna Fry Balci, Instruction Librarian
Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University

Critical Pedagogy and Reflective Teaching: Enhancing Information Literacy in the Gender Studies Classroom
Sharon Ladenson, Gender Studies and Communications Bibliographer
Michigan State University

"As If We Were Old Family at a Family Reunion That Hadn't Been Held in a Long Time." Feminism and LIS: The Unconference
Susan E. Searing, University Library
Christine D'Arpa, Graduate School of Library and Information Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

(Lesbian* or Gay* or Queer* or Trans*) + not Gaylord: A Meta-Analysis of LGBTQ Research in the LIS Journal Literature
Susan Wood, University of Memphis



2011 Poster Sessions

Serving LGBT Library Users in a “Post-gay” World
Matthew Ciszek, Head Librarian
Penn State Shenango
Part 2 | Part 3 | References

Students’ Perceptions of Instructor Quality by Gender: An Analysis of ratemyprofessor.com
Rachel Williams, Incoming Ph.D. student, SLIS, University of Wisconsin
Michelle Dillon, Instructor of Anthropology, Washington State University

Please, May We Include Your Poster in our Repository? Permission Due Diligence and Supporting Rights Metadata
Kayo Denda, Head, Margery Somers Foster Center & Women’s Studies Librarian
Rhonda Marker, Repository Collection Librarian
Li Sun, Metadata Librarian
Lucy Vidal, Information & Communication Director, Center for Women's Global Leadership
Alicia Graham, Research Associate
Kirsten Canfield, Research Associate, Center for Women's Global Leadership
Rutgers University Libraries

The Recovery of the Newcomb Archives and Nadine Vorhoff Library
Beatrice Calvert, Librarian, Nadine Vorhoff Library
Mary Allen Johnson, Archivist, Newcomb Archives

Female College Student Athletes and Online Information-Seeking Sources
Mary Thomason, Doctoral student, Texas Woman's University


2010 Poster Sessions

I Don't Know How I Did This: Investigating Confidence Differences Between Male and Female Students
Lea Susan Engle, Learning and Outreach Librarian, Assistant Professor
Texas A&M University Libraries

Women Elected to Serve in the Oklahoma Legislature
Tanya Finchum, Associate Professor/Librarian
Oklahoma Oral History Research Program

Showcase Your Resources! Using Gender Studies Library Exhibits to Promote Collaboration, Diversity, and Inclusion at Michigan State University
Sharon Ladenson, Gender Studies and Communications Bibliographer
Michigan State University Libraries

Gendering the Reference Desk: An Exploratory Study of Patron and Librarian Information
Beth Strickland, Women's Studies Librarian
University of Michigan
Jennifer Bonnet, University Library Associate
University of Michigan

Women, Work, and Family: Balancinig Responsibilities in the LIS Field
Cheryl A. Thompson, Project Manager, UNC Institute on Aging

Jennifer Craft Morgan, Associate Director for Research, UNC Institute on Aging
Joanne Gard Marshall, Alumni Distinguished Professor, UNC School of ILS
Susan Rathbun-Grubb, Research Scientist, UNC Institute on Aging


2009 Poster Sessions

Do Librarians Matter?: A Quantitative Look at Instructional Influence
Carrie Donovan, Librarian for Instructional Services & Gender Studies
Indiana University-Bloomington

Making Waves: Feminist Pedagogy and Information Literacy
Sharon Ladenson, Gender Studies and Communications Bibliographer
Michigan State University Libraries

Instant Messaging Reference at Doctoral Research Universities: What Is Success?
Michelle Maloney, Reference Librarian
University of the Pacific

Looking Forward in the Rear View Mirror: Women's Roles in Libraries
Sharon Stoerger, Ph.D. Student - School of Library and Information Science
Indiana University

Women’s Ways of Information Seeking: a Feminist Analysis of Gendered Information Behavior in Academic Libraries
Beth Strickland, Women’s Studies Librarian
University of Michigan

2008 Poster Sessions

Programming for Women in Public Libraries
Kay Ann Cassell

Web 2.0 and GURLS
Lesley Farmer

UC Irvine's TXT a Librarian Program
Cynthia Johnson and Brian Williams


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