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Once Upon a Furl in a Podcast Long Ago:
Using New Technologies to Support Library Instruction
Monday, June 25, 2007
Grand Hyatt Washington, Independence B/C


Librarians are teaching to the Net Generation. Students are growing up in a world of technology. Ever wonder how to creatively use new technologies in the classroom? Not quite sure what a blog, Podcast, RSS feed, or social bookmark is? Or how you could use these to teach? This presentation gave an overview of emerging technologies and library instruction and shared how one LIS professor, an expert in gender and information technology, is teaching future librarians how to use these tools in the classroom. There were also examples and tips from an instructional services librarian and a women's studies librarian on how to integrate such tools into your instruction.


  • Joan Lippincott, Associate Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information
  • Kathy Burnett, Associate Professor, Information Studies, Florida State University
  • Kathryn Shaughnessy, Instructional Services Librarian, St. John's University, Queens
  • Heather Tompkins, Reference & Instruction Librarian, Carlton College

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