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WGSS Annual Conference 2012 Program


Insert Catchy Label Here or the End of Gen Y, Digital Natives and the Millennial Student Myth
Monday, June 25, 2012
Anaheim Convention Center 205A



  • Virginia Eubanks, Associate Professor, Department of Women's Studies, University of Albany (SUNY)
  • Roberto C. Delgadillo, Humanities, Social Science and Government Information Services Librarian at the University of California - Davis
  • Yago S. Cura, Bilingual Outreach Specialist for the Los Angeles Library Foundation and Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library


The program looked at how changing demographics affect academic library user populations and how libraries prepare for the changes. Issues addressed include, demographic changes, economic issues, serving first generation students, the digital divide, Latino students in higher education and outreach to parents and community college students.

Virginia Eubanks discussed her book, Digital Dead End: Fighting for Social Justice in the Information Age.

Roberto C. Delgadillo shared his experiences in providing/partnering library services to community college students. He drew on his past four years and noted his successes and failures. He also discussed the goals and outcomes of this work and hopes it may serve as a model for others in an era of increasing fiscal and time constraints.

Yago S. Cura has worked closely with Los Angeles Unified School District parent-teacher groups in South Los Angeles, and has trained hundreds of parents in Watts and Compton, predominantly in Spanish, on how to access free resources available to members of the Los Angeles Public Library. His training sessions focus on Higher Education in the U.S. and strongly advocate for parents to take back responsibility for determining and influencing the educational attainment of their children.

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