Bibliotheksaft 2:36 - September 15, 1999

International Concerns


1. IFLA social responsibilities paper
2. IFLA FAIFE papers
3. Discussion list for progressive librarians around the world
4. Today is the International Day of Anti-WTO Action
5. British Columbia Library Association contingent to Seattle WTO
6. URLs -- Millenium Round // Rodada do Milenio // RondeMillenaire
7. WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources
8. International Labor sites
9. The Maquiladora Reader (book)
10. East Timor sites, courtesy of Martyn Lowe
11. East Timor - mailing addresses
12. East Timor Referendum
13. East Timor Human Rights Centre
14. Portuguese network of libraries in support of East Timor
15. Fun Facts About Capitalism
16. ISC/LINK Resolutions, from the 1999 Conference
17. If I dig a hole through the earth from here

Quote for the week:
"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library."
-Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986)

Homepage of the week:  Lincoln Cushing


1. IFLA social responsibilities paper

The Growing Gap between the Information Rich and the
Information Poor, Both Within Countries and Between
Countries - A Composite Policy Paper, edited by Al Kagan

IFLA 1999 Conference Program and Proceedings


2. IFLA FAIFE papers

Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 13:39:02 -0500
From: "Don Wood" <dwood[at]>
To: Intellectual Freedom Action News <ifaction[at]>
Subject: Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression

The papers of the Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression
from the 65th IFLA Council and General Conference can be found at


3. Discussion list for progressive librarians around the world

Go to to subscribe...

From: raimund.dehmlow[at]
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 11:01:16 +0200
Subject: Discussion List

Dear friends,

there has been a lot of traffic on our list in the last weeks. I am going
to build now a special discussion list for all problems around progressive
librarians around the world. I think it's necessary that all of you could
have the possibility to reach all the other colleagues whithout having to
send me the message which should be forwarded.

So I'll include all colleagues with e-mail-adresses from to a new list,
which I will call "Progressive Librarians Around the World". All what you
have to do is to reply to a message which invites you to this list.

If there are any colleagues in your country, which you want to invite to
this list, you should please send me their e-mail-address.

All the best to you,
Raimund Dehmlow

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4. Today is the International Day of Anti-WTO Action

September 15, 1999
International Day of Action against the World Trade Organization (WTO)

Join tens of thousands of activists around the world in a day of action to
oppose expansion of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The WTO is a
powerful, undemocratic global commerce agency which imposes a regime of
corporate managed trade. In its five years record, the WTO has consistently
been used to attack  national and local social and environmental safeguards.
For example, the U.S. has already changed the Clean Air Act rules to comply
with WTO demands.

Top negotiators from WTO's 135 member countries are meeting in Seattle, WA
in late November 1999 to set the WTO's future agenda. Some of the most eager
proponents of the WTO are calling for an ambitious new "Millennium Round" of
negotiations including issues like a global free logging agreement and an
MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment) in the WTO. On the agenda is also
a further de-regulation of agriculture and services (including health
services and education).

Enough is enough! In its five years of existence, the WTO has proved to be a
disaster for democracy, workers and the environment. Rather than expand this
flawed organization we need a turn-around!

On September 15, take action and let people know that you oppose any
attempts to broaden the scope and power of the WTO. Here's what you can do:

*  Call your Member of Congress and both Senators. Urge them to oppose the
launch of a new round of WTO negotiations in Seattle that would expand the
power of the WTO and to instead pressure the Clinton Administration to
endorse an assessment of WTO's record to date so we can identify ways to
change international trade and investment rules to promote fair trade and
sustainable development. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 or
toll-free at 1-888- 449-3511.

*  Call the U.S. negotiators and tell them why they must oppose the
"Millennium Round" proposal and why we must conduct an assessment of the
WTO's performance to date. The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR)  is the
agency in charge of the negotiations. Call USTR's Charlene Barshefsky at
202-395-6890 (fax: 202-395-4549). You should also call the White House's
John Podesta at 202-456-1414, as well as vice-President Al Gore at

Get all your friends and neighbors to call as well!

Come to Seattle for the Ministerial (Nov. 29 through Dec. 3)! Activists from
all around the world will gather in Seattle for teach-ins, street
festivities, debates, cultural activities, protests and more! Check out  for more information on accommodation/schedule
of events/other arrangements or call 1-877-STOP-WTO (786-7986).


On the Internet at


5. British Columbia Library Association contingent to Seattle WTO

Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 08:44:35 -0500
To: SRRT Action Council <srrtac-l[at]>
From: Al Kagan <akagan[at]>
Subject: BCLA contingent to Seattle (fwd)

A message from our activist colleagues to the North.  Wouldn't it be nice
if the ALA could wake up to the dangers to libraries from the World Trade

>Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 23:55:22 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Fiona Hunt <fionah[at]>
>To: mai-list[at]
>Subject: BCLA contingent to Seattle (fwd)
>*apologies for cross postings*
>The following is a posting that was sent out earlier today to the BC
>Library Association Listserv.  I know many of you are not located in BC,
>but thought that some of you might be interested in joining us if you will
>be in the Seattle or Vancouver area at the end of November.  If you think
>you will, let me know and I'll keep you posted as to our plans.
>If anyone out there is thinking of organizing a similar excursion for
>their local library community, I can supply the name of our contact in
>Seattle who will be booking accommodations for us.
>---------- Forwarded message ----------
>Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 11:07:19 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Fiona Hunt <fionah[at]>
>To: bcla-list[at]
>Subject: BCLA contingent to Seattle
>Dear List Members,
>As some of you may know, the next World Trade Organization (WTO)
>ministerial conference will be taking place this November in Seattle.
>The BCLA Information Policy Committee is organizing a contingent of
>interested individuals to go down to Seattle to attend a teach-in and
>other events beginning just prior to the ministerial.  As most people work
>Monday to Friday, we would be planning a weekend trip, leaving Friday
>evening (November 26th) and returning Sunday the 28th, after the day's
>events.  The ministerial itself begins on November 29th. We have a contact
>in Seattle who is going to book our accommodation for us, but we need to
>know how many wish to attend.  We have already approximately 11 in our
>group, and we're hoping to attract more for what will likely be a most
>interesting excursion.
>The WTO will be meeting to discuss various trade issues and agreements and
>many of the resolutions passed at the meeting could have a profound impact
>on libraries and on society in general.  The teach-in, which begins on
>Saturday November 27th, will explain many of the issues on the WTO agenda
>and their significance.
>If you've been hearing about the "Millenium Round" in the news and keep
>wondering what it's all about, now's your chance to find out!
>For those who are interested in joining us, we need to know a) how many
>people are in your party and b) whether you prefer a Friday evening or
>Saturday morning departure and c) what kind of accommodation you prefer.
>Our options are:
> - the hostel, with beds in a dormatory, costing $22 US per bed per
>  night
> - hotel accommodation which runs from $80 to $130 US per night
>  (people could indicate whether they're willing to share to
>  bring down the cost)
> - billeting with residents of Seattle (may be further from the
>  city centre)
>If enough people are interested in leaving early Saturday morning instead
>of Friday evening, we may do that instead.  Please state your preference
>when you reply.
>Please respond to Fiona Hunt at fionah[at] with your
>expression of interest by September 17.  We need to know as soon as
>possible how many are interested so we can begin booking.
>Hope to see many of you there!

Al Kagan
Africana Unit, Room 328
University of Illinois Library
1408 W. Gregory Drive
Urbana, IL 61801, USA


6. URLs -- Millenium Round // Rodada do Milenio // RondeMillenaire

Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 09:59:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: Fiona Hunt <fionah[at]>
To: mai-list[at]
Subject: (wto) URLs -- Millenium Round // Rodada do Milenio //
RondeMillenaire (fwd)
Sender: owner-mai-list[at]

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 14:54:19 -0400
From: Margrete Strand-Rangnes <mstrand[at]>
To: Multiple recipients of list MAI-INTL <mai-intl[at]>
Subject: (wto) URLs -- Millenium Round // Rodada do Milenio // RondeMillenaire

Below are all sorts of useful links for people who are looking for more
information on the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other international
trade and investment issues. Thank you Andreas, for putting this together!
No more endless searches on the web for info - everything you need is right
here at the click of your fingertips!

===== Original Message from anro0002[at] at 7/27/99 11:34
Dear Friends,

Herewith I send you a general Update of my

Iv you miss some related URL's let me know please.

All the best,


[p.s. most of the sites are in english - I use the conventional internet
abbreviations to indicate the languages in which the URLs are available --
en - english, fr - french, de - german etc.]


Millenium Round // Rodada do Milenio // Ronde Millenaire

                -> UPDATE! <-

             (neolib's blah blah)

World Trade Organization:
WTO Seattle

Seattle Business welcomes WTO:

European Commission:

TABD Mid Year Report:
and the annex:



              (* frequently updated)

Adbusters: The big Question / en

American Lands / en

ATTAC / en /fr *
(in french):

Brian Jenkins anti-MAI page / en *

"Citizens on the Web" / Toronto en *

EjTrcito Zapatista de Liberaci=n Nacional / es *

"Infos zum MAI" / de

"Millennium Round" (a URL of EP Green Party) / en *

180 Movement for Democracy and Education / en

No2WTO Listarchive / en *

"MAI niet gezien" / Leiden nl *

Observatoire de la Mondialisation / Paris fr

Ontario PIRG's MAI-not Project / Ottawa en *

Peoples Global Action (PGA) / en fr es de ru *
Acci=n Global de los Pueblos/ Action mondiale des peuples AGP/AMP

PGA in Seattle / en
List archive:

People For Fair Trade / Seattle en

Polaris Institute / en

Public Citizens Global Trade Watch / en *
List archive:

"Road To Seattle" (Newsletter) / en *

Seattle Citizen Committee/ en

"SHUTDOWN SEA-TOWN" / Seattle en

Third World Network / en *

                      some more
European Groups involved in the Stop Millennium Round Campaign
           (without special WTO websites)

BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) / de

Center for Environmental Public Advocacy (Slovakia) / sk

Friends of the Earth Europe / en

Friends of the Earth Czech /cz

Friends of the Earth UK / en
Trade, Environment and Sustainability:

KEPA Finland / fi

Movimiento contra la Europa de Maastricht / es

Oxfam Belgium / fr en


Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy / en

Rural Advancement Foundation Int'l


Aotearoa/New Zealand APEC Monitoring Group / en

APEC Alert! Vancouver / en

No to APEC / en


CUTS - Centre for International Trade, Economics & Environment in (under construction)

Earth First! / en

Friends of the Eath international / en

International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development / en

International Institute for Sustainable Development / en

National Center for Sustainability / Vancouver en

Raingow Keepers/ ru en

Sacred Earth Network / ru en

SEAC - Student Environmental Action Coalition / en


Alliance for Democraty / en

A SEED Europe / en
A SEED Japan

C.A.D.T.M. / en fr es

Corporate Watch / enatch / en

Critical Mass Seattle es

Critical Mass Tokyo

Ending Corporate Governance / en

EuroDusnie / Leiden nl en

Eyfa - European Youth For(est) Action / en

Food First / en

Food Not Bombs Seattle / en

Global Policy Forum NYC / en

Halifax Initiativee / en

IBON Foundation / en

InterContinental Caravan / en

International Coalition for Development Action / en

June 18th international day of actions / en

LabourNet Austria / de

Les Peripheriques vous parlent / Paris fr

Multinational Corporations  Human Rights / en
(Erasmus University Project, Rotterdam)


Procect Underground / en

reclaim Madrid (June 18th) / es

"Reclaim the Streets!" / en

Socio-Ecological Union ru

TOES - The Other Economic Summit / en

Transnational Corporate Research / en

Transnational Institute / en

Tusovka / ru en

"50 Years are enough!" (IMF/ WB) / en

Zeme predevsim!  (Earth First! Prague) / cz

Organizations and Treaties - more ore less pushing Globalization


ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

WEF Santiago Summit, May 1999:
trade and investment report:

SAFTA (South Asian Free Trade Agreement)

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)


ERT (European Round Table of Industrialists)

ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)

UNICE (Union of Industrial and Employers' Confederations of Europe)

USCIB (US Council for International Business)

Expo 2000:



IMF (International Monetary Fond)

OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)

TABD (Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue)

Trilateral Comission

UNCTAD (UN Conference on Trade and Development)

WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)

WEF (World Economic Forum)

World Bank

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed
without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the
included information for research and educational purposes.

Margrete Strand Rangnes
MAI Project Coordinator
Public Citizen Global Trade Watch
215 Pennsylvania Ave, SE
Washington DC, 20003 USA
202-547 7392 (fax)

To subscribe to our MAI Listserv send an e-mail to mstrand[at], or
subscribe directly by going to our website, (Please indicate organizational affiliation if any, and
also where you found out about this listserv)

Search the MAI-NOT & MAI-INTL archives at

7. WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources

Professor Wayne Selcher, Professor of International Studies
(Dept. of Political Science, Elizabethtown College) has
forwarded the above new URL and following description for
the WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources:

   "Now with over 1400 annotated links in many areas of
   international affairs. It is frequently maintained,
   and should be of use to journalists, researchers,
   professors, and students, among others. It has
   received recommendations from several Internet
   academic organizations, including CHOICE Magazine
   and the Argus Clearinghouse." - Prof. Wayne Selcher
Browse by Media Sources, Organizations, Regions and
Countries, and specific topics.

Submitted by:
The ResPool Listowner

ResPool -

8. International Labor sites

"White, Dave" wrote:
> I am seeking online resources that allows one to search for the latest or
> daily news on labor issues in as many countries as possible and in as many
> different languages as possible.


Here are several such sites (appearing to
be all in English):

LabourStart -

International Federation of Chemical,
Energy, Mine and General Workers'
Unions -

General Federation of Trade Unions

International Labor Rights Fund

Inernational Labour Organization

Human Rights Watch -

Even more sites can be located at the
Global Labour Directory of Directories

Hope that helps.

Submitted by:
The ResPool Listowner

ResPool -

9. The Maquiladora Reader (book)

Subject: New Book on Global Economy
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 10:52:17 -0400
From: Bertha Mwantembe <BMwantembe[at]>
To: chuck[at]


THE MAQUILADORA READER is an important new book on grassroots labor
activism in the global economic arena. Subtitled "Cross-Border
Organizing Since NAFTA," this compilation documents how workers and
their allies are reaching across the border to search for new answers
to the challenges of globalization.

THE MAQUILADORA READER explores activism at the intersection of
international labor organizing, women's empowerment, environmental and
occupational health, and cross-border solidarity. In the process, it
reveals how the Mexico-U.S. border - the only border in the world where
the advanced industrial North directly meets the "underdeveloped" South -
functions as a unique "cutting edge" where new paradigms of activism are
being forged.

Published by the American Friends Service Committee, this book reflects
AFSC's involvement of more than 20 years in cross-border activism, which
has centered on a partnership with the Comité Fronterizo de Obreras
(Border Committee of Women Workers), a worker-controlled grassroots
organization on the Mexican side. Information is included about numerous
organizations and initiatives, offering a comprehensive portrait of labor
activism at the border in the NAFTA era. Individual chapters delve into
such areas as women at the border, health and environmental issues,
differing strategies for cross-border activism, and how the border fits
into the larger panorama of free trade agreements.

This publication will be a valuable resource for educators and activists
seeking practical tips on coming to grips with the global economy, as well
as undergraduate and graduate classes in labor studies, women's studies,
ethnic studies, and global economics.

Additional details, including ordering information, are available in our
online brochure at

Please help us get the word out about this new resource by reposting
this announcement as widely as possible. If you have a website, we hope
you consider adding a link to our brochure at the URL noted above. If you
need additional information about this book, please contact Luis Perez

10. East Timor sites

Date:  4 Sep 99 19:56:57 BST
From: Martyn Lowe <martynlowe[at]>
Subject: East Timor Websites

Dear Comrades !

Here are some websites that might be of immediate use for those who are
interested in following the current crisis in East Timor.

East Timor Action Network

"ETAN/US provides information about, and ways to help, East Timor, which
was invaded and subjugated by US ally Indonesia in 1975. ETAN advocates
changing US foreign policy and urges support for self-determination and
human rights for East Timor."


Here is a news network  with East Timor Information upon it -


The U.N.  East Timor website


Peace Movement Aotearoa

" - is the national networking organisation for those
concerned about peace and related issues in Aotearoa/New
Zealand "

This website covers the peace movement from NZ - Has East
Timor info' upon it


East Timor International Support Center - ETISC
PO Box 651, Nightciff, Darwin NT 0814, Australia


That's all for now


11. East Timor - mailing addresses

aberdeen[at] on 11.09.99 01:27:08
Thema: East Timor - addresses

Hello Raimund Dehmlow,

It's been a while since my last email regarding
the website "Address Directory, Politicians of
the World". Given the situation in East Timor,
I thought you might not mind if I supplied you
with a few useful addresses:

Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie
Office of the President
15 Jalan Merdeka Utara
gov't webpage

National Commission for Human Rights
Jl. Latuharhary No. 4B
Menteng, Jakarta 10310
phone 62-21-392-5230, fax 62-21-392-5227
email info[at]

Jalan Infante de Henri
Dili, Timor Timur

Best regards,
Don Vermithrax

Address Directory - Politicians of the World

12. East Timor Referendum

East Timor: Special Report -- BBC News [RealPlayer]
Timor Today -- East Timor International Support Center (ETISC)
East Timor Referendum: Indonesia's "Litmus Test" -- USIA
Indonesia: Identity Crisis -- _Time Asia_
The Struggle for East Timor -- Mojo Wire
"Either way, it's a vote for civil war" -- _Sydney Morning Herald_

The East Timorese capital Dili was once again the scene of protest
and violence this week, just days before a UN-supervised referendum.
On Monday, East Timor's 800,000 residents will choose whether to
remain part of Indonesia as an autonomous province or to establish an
independent nation. A Portuguese colony for 400 years, East Timor was
independent for about a year before it was invaded and annexed by
Indonesia in 1976. After decades of military repression and civil
strife (see the April 20, 1999 Scout Report for Social Sciences), the
post-Suharto Indonesian government announced it would allow the East
Timorese to decide their own political fate. In their strongest
showing so far, pro-independence advocates organized a rally of up to
10,000 people in the capital on Wednesday. A counter-rally the next
day resulted in the worst violence since April, when dozens were
killed by anti-independence militias. Despite the violence and
continued threats by these militias, United Nations Secretary-General
Kofi Annan has made it clear that the twice-postponed vote will be
held on Monday as scheduled.

The BBC News Special Report on East Timor provides breaking news,
analysis, archived articles, related links, and audio and video
selections. The ETISC, a pro-independence organization, offers a host
of resources at its site. They include background articles, news
stories from various international sources, reports, key documents,
and biographies, among others. The United States Information Agency
(USIA) site provides its usual excellent round-up of editorials and
articles on East Timor from newspapers across the world. Appearing in
the June 7, 1999 issue of _Time Asia_, the next item explores the
difficulties of forging a common identity in East Timor. Provided by
_Mother Jones_, the Mojo Wire special site on East Timor contains
news, reference materials, analysis, questions and answers, and a
useful primer on the province for the uninitiated. Finally, this
editorial from the _Sydney Morning Herald_ offers a sobering analysis
of what the future may hold for both East Timor and Indonesia.
Additional resources on East Timor can be found in Signpost, the
Scout Report's database. These include the UN's Question of East
Timor, the War, Peace, and Security Guide, and The United States
Security Strategy for the East Asia-Pacific Region 1998. [MD]

Question of East Timor
War, Peace, and Security Guide
The United States Security Strategy for the East Asia-Pacific Region 1998

>From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1999.

13. East Timor Human Rights Centre

        This human rights organization was established to
        promote and protect human rights in East Timor, a former
        Portuguese colony annexed by Indonesia. This site is
        especially relevant due to East Timor's current violent
        upheaval resulting from an August 1999 referendum for
        independence. There are media releases and current
        information about human rights violations with urgent
        action recommendations to write, fax, or e-mail protest
        letters to the Indonesian government as well as the
        government of the person reading the recommendations.
        Also included is photographic documentation of ongoing
        torture and links to major human rights organizations and
        background information on East Timor. - mc
        Subjects: indonesia | human rights

Carole Leita, cleita[at]
LIIWEEK Listowner and Coordinator of the
Librarians' Index to the Internet

14. Portuguese network of libraries in support of East Timor

Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 17:37:53 -0000
Reply-To: International Federation of Library Associations mailing list
Sender: International Federation of Library Associations mailing list
From: Biblioteca Municipal de Beja <bmbeja[at]MAIL.PT>


The portuguese network of libraries in support of
East Timor cause asks your library support to
promote awereness about the genocide that
Indonesia is taking among EastTimor population.

We challenge you to send a message to ONU and his
Security Council, and also to the President of the
For more information see the following sites:

Timor Lorosae values of freedom, democracy and
tolerance are been violated. Those are our
civilizational values, and also the library ones.

"We see, listen and read. We can¥t ignore that."
This is the RIGHT TIME.
This is OUR TIME.
Let¥s be worthy of it.


Public Library of Beja-JosÈ Saramago
Luis de Camžes, s/n. 7800 BEJA
Telef. 351 84 311900
Fax. 351 84 311929
e-mail. BMBEJA[at]

______________________________________________________, um mail para todos - Gratuito em

15. Fun Facts About Capitalism

From John K.

The annual UN Human Development Report 1999 is available online at:

It's a large document in PDF format. Below are some interesting facts my
dark and brooding psyche selected:

"The world's 200 richest people more than doubled their net worth between
1994 and 1998 to more than 1 trillion dollars. "

"The assets of the 200 richest people are more than the combined income of
41 percent of the world's people. "

"The assets of the top 3 billionaires are more than the combined GNP
[Gross National Product] of all least developed nations and their 600
million people.

More generally:

By the late 1990's the fifth of the world's people living in the highest
income countries had: 86 percent of the world's GDP [Gross Domestic
Product]--the bottom fifth had one percent of the world's GDP. The middle
sixty percent had thirteen percent of the world's GDP.

Food production per capita increased by neaarly 25% during 1990-97, BUT...

"Nearly 1.3 billion people live on less than a dollar a day, and close to
1 billion can't meet their consumption requirements."
"850 million people are malnourished. "
"Nearly 160 million children are malnourished."

Education such as it is and isn't:

"One percent of the assets of the richest 200 people could provide for
universal access to primary education for all."

"850 million people are illiterate."

"In industrial countries more than 100 million people are illiterate."

"More than 260 million children are out of school on the primary and
secondary levels."

"More than 250 million children are working as child labourers."


"340 million women are not expected to survive to age 40."

"A quarter to a half of all women have suffered physical abuse by an
intimate partner."


16. ISC/LINK Resolutions, from the 1999 Conference

Public Libraries and Social Exclusion, an International Perspective:
Resolutions from the 5th LINK/Information for Social Change, April
24th, 1999, Overseas Development Institute, London.

WHEREAS we consider that social exclusion is a world wide problem
caused by capitalism and globalism; and

WHEREAS we believe that the solution to this problem is socialism and
internationalism; and

WHEREAS we are convinced that library and information workers have a
role to play in tackling social exclusion;

WE RESOLVE that the following actions are required by library and
information workers:

1. to be pro-active, committed and radical in their approach to
social exclusion

2. to recognize that information is power, and that this power should
be used strategically and tactically

3. to be aware of the differences between poverty, equal
opportunities and social exclusion in different contexts and countries

4. to define who the socially excluded are, and to reconise barriers
to library usage such as race, class and gender

5. to determine what information and library services the socially
excluded require and demand

6. to encourage western agencies to support library and information
workers in Majority World countries to identify relevant needs.

7. to make ruling elites conscious of the importance and value of
information, education, literacy, and libraries

8. to put pressure on governments (via agencies such as UNESCO) to
commit a fixed percentage of national budget on education and

From: all/some of those who attended the conference

To: LA, IFLA, FID, LA members, British Council, UNESCO, EEU, donor

17. If I dig a hole through the earth from here

where do I end up?

That and other fun with latitude and longitude, including conversions
to geographical locations and from IP address to map coordinates.

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